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Gentlemen, I Regret To Inform You… Boomers

Gentlemen, I Regret To Inform You… Boomers
Gentlemen, I Regret To Inform You… Boomers

Life is hard.

The generation and time in which we grew up has a huge influence of our worldview.

Even as a Christian with a Christian worldview we still live and breath the culture of our time, it has impact.

I am a boomer born in 1956.

I witnessed tremendous changes in the world, America and life in general.

The reality that young people face today is very different than anything I could have conceived of as I matured in life.

As elders we must support, help and council the young people around us, especially in our families.

The video below provides some good discussion on this topic.

Gentlemen, I Regret To Inform You… Boomers

"Today, the entire economic system is set up with the assumption of dual incomes. They have intentionally made providing for a household on a single income extremely difficult. They want households with moms staying with the children to be an upper middle class luxury lifestyle totally inaccessible to the majority of the population in the middle and working class. For the generation just starting out today, things are far more difficult. The boomer might well be right that the millennial and zoomer just doesn't have the work ethic his generation had. But He does not consider how much greater that work ethic was rewarded in his day." from video introduction

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