How Christians Can Shut Down Pornography on the Internet/In Schools: (Hint- Stop Watching it!)

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The Fight Against Porn

1 Thessalonians 4:3-4

3 For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality; 4 that each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honor,..

In the past days, weeks and months there has been an uptick in parents verbally attacking school districts and libraries about what they consider "pornography".

Better late than never I guess but books about LBGTQ etc. have been in libraries both public and school for years. Nothing new.

Free speech in America would normally allow for those we disagree with to publish books like this.

And yes if we brake this down to what is strictly moral, or Christian we would not want our children randomly reading these books.

Now comes the conundrum about pornography in our society.


Yes the reality is many of the parents raising objections to the pornographic content of books at their school are guilty of the sin of watching pornography themselves and Christians are complicit.

Many Christians who “struggle” with pornography enjoy a love-hate relationship with it. Just like a drug (porn is often called flesh colored crack) they hate pornography, but can’t imagine life without it. People hate what porn does to them, but love the a short-lived escape it provides. But then the cycle of giving in followed by guilt continues. Like the mental drug that it is they long for pleasure so they turn back to their lover again and again and again.

If you are married you are committing infidelity.

And as a Christian who has been united to Christ you now choose to unit yourself to prostitutes and live in sin.

You cannot have a relationship with Christ or be mentored by the Person of the Holy Spirit if you continually live in sin.

Many Christians try to fight their pornographic cravings by dealing with the external and not the internal. Many men and women fight sin on the outside, but neglect to address the deeper affections and needs of their heart. Some have an accountability program, on their devices in order to aid in their battle against the flesh. Christians also take drastic measures and just throw their laptop out of their window, hoping and praying that their internal desire for pornography will go away with the destruction of the device. But they quickly discover that their internal desires/sins/sexual impulses have been so conditioned to getting their fix they cannot do without it.

It we don't dethrone pornography as king over our hearts, it continues to reign, demanding time, loyalty, affections and resources.

Ok so I digress.

Back to schools and books and pornography.

Parents must be involved in what their schools teach their children and allow them to read. It is no secret however that most parents are ambivalent to what goes on in public schools and many NEVER get involved.

As practicing hypocrites Christian parents must get right with God as they attempt to raise the moral accountability of the schools and those who they have chosen to run them. First we must repent of our sins of watching pornography, which supports pornography.

Why not put some energy to shutting down pornographic websites?

Become the most Godly person you can become!

Pray, read your bible, confess and repent of your sins. repentance means CHANGE your behavior! Seek help from others to break this sexual addiction.

Don't be the hypocrite that attacks your local school board and then goes home and watches porn. Sexual sin is a grave threat to the church/family in our day, and it will not go away without a long, hard fight.


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