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Is Immorality Ever Morally Acceptable in Our Lives?

Fearless Obedience

No! But we try.

If you look back through humanities history we see the pattern of decline into evil. Israel as God's chosen people and nation has suffered from this since the beginning. We also suffer from our own sin and evil choices.

Our decline as a people and a nation has like all stories been ongoing.

The Myth of a Christian Nation is very popular now as a means to justify sinful and evil attitudes and behaviors. It seems we fancy that the waving of a Christ flag gives us leave to commit murder and other sins in the name of Christ (the Crusades?)

And as revealed through God's Holy Word if we as individual Christians to not develop a relationship with Christ and focus on living a Gospel centered life we will fall into sin and death.

Your thinking and actions this morning give you a glimpse into your priorities and idols. Do the things of this world occupy your mind from morning till night? Do you begin your day speaking to Christ and the Person of the Holy Spirit or they just an afterthought?

Recent samplings (Gallop Polling) of Christian beliefs have given us a snapshot of what we think in our hearts and souls. Changing One's Gender Is Sharply Contentious Moral Issue

On every issue, abortion to suicide, the trend has been more permissive. Not one issue shows a change toward a biblical position compared with Gallup polls in the early 2000s.

A small majority believe that changing one’s gender identity is morally wrong. Of those 65 and older, 64 percent say it is morally wrong. A majority of Americans ages 30–49 and 18–29 say it is morally acceptable.

If you look at our culture wherein pornography has been mainstreamed, crime and murder are our entertainment its not a big surprise we are where we are at with our overall morality.

According to another Gallup poll, President Donald Trump is the "most admired man" in America for the year 2020. Not a surprise for secular purposes yet idol worship by Christians of a clearly immoral man is another sign of our muddled acceptance of sinful thinking and behavior.

It is clear many Christians have been indoctrinated into our cultural decline and sinful beliefs.

John 3:36

36 Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him.

As Christians you and I must be obedient to our Lord. We cannot agree with immoral behaviors and follow immoral people and love God at the same time.

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