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Jeff Liou with Jenny Elsey: Higher Education, Race, and Mental Health - AACC

Updated: Apr 11

Jeff Liou with Jenny Elsey: Higher Education, Race, and Mental Health - AACC

Christ does not call us to ignore our fellow many, the stranger, and those in need but this is fast becoming part of the character of our nation. Distrust of the "other" and cruelty or apathy to the "other" is not Christ-like. We must pray, confess our sins, and repent as we help those in need no matter what their ethnic origins are.

"Dr. Jeff Liou and Dr. Jenny Elsey discuss how issues of race are unfolding in higher education among Asian American communities (i.e., students, faculty, and staff). Listen as they unpack the importance of identity, mental health, and practical steps we can take against anti-Asian racism in the time of COVID-19. Dr. Jeff Liou serves on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as Director of Theological Formation. Jeff has also worked as a pastor, university chaplain, and adjunct professor. He earned his PhD from Fuller Theological Seminary, where he studied the intersection of race and theology. Jeff has contributed chapters to books on Asian American Christianity and ethics in pastoral ministry. Dr. Jenny Lei Elsey serves as the associate dean of intercultural life at George Fox University. She has worked in higher education for seventeen years and has experience in student development, community development and organizing, service learning, Title IX, and multicultural affairs. She recently earned her EdD in higher education leadership at George Fox University. Her dissertation is titled, “A Critical Phenomenological Study of Female Asian American Leadership in Higher Education.” video introduction.

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