Jesus & John Wayne: Author Kristin Du Mez (Part 2)

Video from unenlightenment

Interview podcast with Kristin Kobbes Du Mez: Jesus and John Wayne How white evangelicals corrupted a faith and fractured a nation.

"Evangelicalism has significant cultural components, and so the cultural aspects that we find displayed here cannot be ignored. But the crisis Kobes du Mez speaks of is a theological one. KDM quotes John Piper saying that “Christianity has a masculine feel.” Many evangelicals also believe that God has a “masculine feel.” This yields rotten fruit.

What Kobes du Mez clearly illustrates is the way that John Wayne neatly corresponded to the value systems of evangelicalism. John Wayne’s muscular independence is the pear tree to evangelicalism’s Augustine. Those that values discipline, orderliness, unanimity, strong leadership and a “collected front” against opposing forces—such a culture would easily embrace Donald Trump. But this story does not explain the 81% in total.

Certainly KDM has demonstrated that “militant Christian masculinity” exists. I think this is enough of a project to deem it a success. But I think the book would have accomplished more if it had attempted to do less. The story that remains to be told is more subtle and so even more of an indictment." from the article: Missing the Subtler Yet Greater Problem: Replying to “Jesus and John Wayne”

So what can we learn from each other? My concern is the actions and thoughts of those who seem to worship Trump will be the downfall of America and the liberals!

What do you think?