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King David's Tomb: Finding It (Part 1) - Expedition Bible

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Video from Expedition Bible

King David's Tomb

"In 1913, Raymond Weill was the first Jewish archaeologist to excavate the most ancient part of Jerusalem. What was he looking for? King David's Tomb. How did he know where to look for the tomb? He used the Bible!" from video introduction

Raymond Weill Raymond Weill (1874-1950), a Jewish-French archaeologist, came to Jerusalem twice in the beginning of the 20th century, in 1913-1914 and in 1923-1924 to excavate. He was sent by Baron Rothschild to excavate the land he acquired on the City of David hill. He excavated in the southern portion of the hill and exposed a large quarry that destroyed two caves that were hewn into the rock. According to Weill, these were the royal burial caves of the Davidic Dynasty, from David onwards, though that interpretation is not accepted by researchers today. In the same excavation area he discovered a Greek inscription from the Second Temple period that documents the establishment of a synagogue by a Jewish priest by the name of Theodotus. In the later years of his life, Weill was one of the founders of the archaeological museum in Beirut." from the website:

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