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Living Completely For God - A Resolution For a Lifetime

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Video from Servus Christi

Living Completely For God

There is much wisdom and common sense communicated in this video, watch it to the end!

"So Much Wasted Time... the tragic words we can and should avoid. When people are considering New Year's resolutions and reflecting on another year gone by, we would do well to consider that all-precious commodity of time which is ever running from us and which will be up before we know it. The Lord has given us one life to live and if it's not lived for His glory, it will be wasted. Every moment matters and the only true "success" is eternal success. In this study, we will consider some consequences and remedies to wasting time. NOTE: This is not an exhortation to monastic living. Don't hear what isn't being said. Leisure and rest are good insofar as they are glorifying to the Lord. You can eat a sandwich to the glory of God and you can play frisbee to His glory as well. The context matters. As we typically have no issue thinking about things which are fun and entertaining, this video is intended to stir us to those things which we are less inclined toward by nature and which should occupy the better portion of our time." from video introduction.

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