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Living in a Fallen World: How Carl Sagan (Among others) Predicted the America We See Today

Video from ubernaffa

"A staggeringly prescient warning from Carl Sagan... He spoke these words in 1994, yet he might as well be talking to us today. Though he has been dead for over two decades, his profound and beautiful insights continue to educate and elevate our thinking and our behaviour. He was a shining star, a guiding light... And this message is but one beam from it." from video introduction.

The late Carl Sagan was a brilliant man, gifted by God with a remarkable intellect that benefited mankind. Yet he was an Atheist.

Sagan was smart enough after looking at our culture and extrapolating into the future could see our culture in 2021.

I will not repeat all of the many things that have been said or are currently being said by so many people about the dumbing down of America in general.

If YOU have not been caught up in the current wave of sin, folly and lawlessness continue to pray, confess and repent.

It is only through Christ that we will be saved and have a better understanding of our fallen world and in doing so glorify our Lord!!!

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