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New on Video Feed

What Does "GOD" Mean? - Paul VanderKlay, John Vervaeke, & Paul Anleitner

It's a honor to be joined by @Paul VanderKlay and @John Vervaeke for a discussion on what the word "God" means and why we all should want to move past common Christian vs atheist debates that seem to reduce what "God" means to a conception of a Doctor Manhattan-like supreme being in an arena of other beings..

Closer to Truth

Speculating About God?

In searching, striving to know God—if there is a God—we discover contrasting ways that God could be. It is good to wonder about God, see a landscape of possibilities, get the big picture of what God may be like. Featuring interviews with Peter Forrest, Hubert L. Dreyfus, Neil N. Gillman, Subhash Kak, J.L. Schellenberg, and Michael Tooley.

Closer To Truth host Robert Lawrence Kuhn takes viewers on an intriguing global journey into cutting-edge labs, magnificent libraries, hidden gardens, and revered sanctuaries in order to discover state-of-the-art ideas and make them real and relevant.

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