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Our Cult of Cultural Christianity in America - Will We Die By It?

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

all the sources of cultural christianity
Cultural Christianity

American Christians by and large have a problem.

We are cultural.

There was a time when being a cultural Christian meant we were weak, and lukewarm in our faith and in our relationship with Christ.

The wisdom from our Lord that we must be counter-cultural is now forgotten and ignored (unless it seems we marry it to politics).

Not to paint with to broad a brushstroke are are still many Christians that are repentant and prayerful. they realize how broken and inadequate they are and that they need Christ more than anything else in life.

The question you should ask yourself is are you a Cultural Christian?

If we put any credence in all the polls that have been coming out recently the "Falling Away" is in full swing. Many Christians have decided that Christ is not divine but merely a wise man ( a Muslim belief by the way). Original sin is no longer taken seriously but apparently "sex" remains an area of concern. Church is but a stop at the spiritual gas station every week. Living the Christian life in our day to day and actually pursuing a relationship with Christ is deemed to hard or unnecessary by many.

It has become easier to claim our faith through politics. That way we can choose to follow people steeped in sin and lawlessness in the name of Jesus as we make America great again.

God has shown us through the Old Testament and the nation of Israel that he will bless us and he will also allow us to sin if we so choose. His wrath will come.

"The term evangelical "has become so laced with politics that millions of Christians identify themselves as 'evangelicals' simply because they're Republican and they're Christian," David French writes at The Atlantic. "The word has become such a tribal signifier that, in many households, evangelical Christianity is little more than a God-and-country lifestyle brand." But the Ligonier/LifeWays survey winnows those cultural evangelicals out, and it turns out even American "theological evangelicals" have "a Jesus problem."..

..The State of Theology survey "reveals that the overwhelming majority of U.S. evangelicals have accepted a view of human identity that aligns more with American society than the teaching of the Bible," Ligonier Ministries argues. "While positive trends are present, including evangelicals' views on abortion and sex outside of marriage, an inconsistent biblical ethic is also evident, with more evangelicals embracing a secular worldview in the areas of homosexuality and gender identity."

..from the article: Has U.S. evangelical Christianity become more a political culture than a religion?

So what are you going to do?

Ask yourself how deeply you have gone into the culture and politics instead of a relationship with Christ?

Can you afford to have Christ say, "I don't know you."?

There is time to change course and we always begin by prayer, confession and repentance.

Your eternal soul is at risk, what will you do??


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