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Pride in Our Studies of God and the Bible: The Doctrine of God

Doctrine; God & His Word

Pride was Lucifers sin, He became the Father of Lies. He was the first sinner outside of mankind and his influence led to our current sinful nature.

Christ defeated Death and Satan on and through the Cross, his Resurrection, Descent and Ascension.

The Bible does not promote ignorance is the remedy for our pride. As lay people we can learn much from Christ, from His living Word and from other Saints. We must always maintain a sound doctrine of God. God consistently reminds us of how small we are, and that we need help from more thoughtful and holier men/women. We should never fear authority and never snub Christians on whose shoulders we should be standing on, whether they are the church fathers of someone in our church.

“Reformed theology’s doctrine of God and its emphasis on all of His attributes at every point in the unfolding of salvation sets it apart from other Christian understandings of the Lord. And our doctrine of God is drawn from Genesis through Revelation, from the Old Testament as much as from the New Testament.” From the article: The Reformed Doctrine of God by R.C. Sproul (link)

So how do we learn the Doctrine of God? Here are a few suggestions:

The Knowledge of the Holy: The Attributes of God: Their Meaning in the Christian Life by A.W.Tozer (link)

The Existence and Attributes of God: Volume 1: Christian Classics Series by Stephan Charnock (link)

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