Quantum Experiment Shows There's A Hidden Force In Nature - Yes It's God!

Updated: Sep 22

Video from The Secrets of the Universe

"Physicists at CERN's LHCb collaboration have found signs of a new force in nature. These new #quantum​ results have challenged the current theory of our understanding of the universe: The Standard Model, which was completed in 2012 with the discovery of the #Higgs​ boson. Scientists believe that the #universe​ is governed by four fundamental forces: gravity, weak, strong, and electromagnetic force. The Standard Model of particle physics combines three forces and leaves out gravity. But while studying the decay of the B meson, scientists found an anomaly that could change the laws of #physics​." from video introduction.

The Bible shows us God’s handiwork can be seen in creation (Psalm 19:1; Romans 1:20). The early developers of modern physics were mostly theists, Christians in particular, and they didn’t see their discoveries as disproving God. Instead they viewed them as illuminating God’s creation. John Polkinghorne, among others is a good example of this point of view, specifically involving quantum physics. Polkinghorne, a lifelong Christian, is one of the scientists involved in discovering sub-nuclear particles known as quarks, a critical part of the quantum model. After twenty-five years of teaching at Cambridge he retired to become an Anglican priest. His scientific credentials have deterred Atheists like Richard Dawkins, who are unable to write off his faith as delusion. Below is a link to one of Polkinghorne's books.

John Polkinghorne - Why is the Quantum so Mysterious? Video from Closer to Truth

The Polkinghorne Reader: Science, Faith, and the Search for Meaning (link)

Science always reveals God. Atheists and others have always chosen to NOT believe in God or his creation. The scientific method (a gift from God) has been a successful way of discovering how God accomplished certain parts of His creative work. Understanding the physical mechanisms/processes of the universe doesn’t change the fact that there is a Designer and Creator who set them into motion.

I applaud the God given ingenuity these scientists have applied to these questions!


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