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Reflections on the Life of Queen Elizabeth II

Video CBS Sunday Morning

"The passing of Queen Elizabeth II after 70 years on the throne has meant that not just a monarch is gone at the age of 96, but decades of stability and continuity are suddenly gone, too. Correspondent Lee Cowan talks with the Queen's former chaplain, Gavin Ashenden; historian Sir David Cannadine; and Erin Vanderhoof (of the Vanity Fair podcast "Dynasty") about how the Queen's duty, poise, charisma, and adherence to tradition served her, and her subjects, during her seven-decade reign.' from video introduction

Tina Brown on the Queen's Mystique

Video from CBS Sunday Morning

"By her temperament, and her reassuring presence in the lives of her subjects, Queen Elizabeth II was the very model of a modern monarch. CBS News contributor Tina Brown, author of "The Palace Papers," talks with correspondent Mo Rocca about the Queen's mystique, and how Her Majesty evoked history and familiarity in a turbulent world." from video introduction

The Queen's Lifelong Love of Animals

Video from CBS Sunday Morning

"From Corgis to thoroughbreds, Queen Elizabeth II has spent her life accompanied by four-legged friends. Correspondent Martha Teichner looks at the monarch's long history of pets, and how her breeding of winning racehorses made her the Queen of the Sport of Kings" from video introduction


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