So Where Are The Good Guy's?

School sign
Robb Elementary School

The Foolish Excuse of Good Guys With Guns

So the reality is this!

there are no perfect cops, no perfect teachers, no perfect security systems, or doors are whatever else you want to think up.

We all know this as we are imperfect, we are neglectful and sinful.

The young man who became the mass murderer this time in Uvalde was also a child of God, imperfect and a sinner.

He chose evil.

And the facts are of all the ongoing and many mass shootings we have had VERY few were stopped by GOOD GUYS with guns!

In Uvalde as elsewhere the good guys with guys were all hiding from the man with the AK47.

I get it. Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw stated there were 19 officers in the school hallway for about an hour as small children used their deceased teacher’s phone to call 911.

So lets dispense with this foolish and unrealistic remedy.

Guns at All Cost for Revolution

It has clear for a long time and is even more clear now.

The gun obsessed NRA and its followers seem to have concluded that someday they will be required to revolt against our government, so in order to HAVE Ak47's they are willing now to allow the ongoing murder of our children and other citizens to that goal!!

The Foolish Mantra of Guns Don't Kill People

Ok so the worn out slogan of "people are the problem" thrown out by the NRA and like minded people is mute. NO ONE, including all of those groups and people are not helping people that need help so they won't do these evil acts.

Instead like everyone else they make themselves rich instead of using there resources to actually help our society.

Yes GUNS do kill people and some kill people better than others.

Making Mass Murdering Less Lethal

There is no logical reason, no good reason that citizens need an AK47, a weapon of war designed to kill people.

Lets not disarm anyone lets just make it not so easy to slaughter so many of our children.

How the NRA and Others are Bringing about Their Own Demise

By being so incompetent and impotent the NRA and others are bringing to bear forces that will take away their guns. Instead of getting on top of this in some way they make foolish and arrogant decisions and ultimately do nothing.

Is America falling apart right before our eyes? Yes and those so intent on keeping their war weapons are contributing to it.


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