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The Complete Story of Abraham: The Father of Nations

Video from Bible Unbound

"The life of the founding patriarch like you've never seen him before. Abraham – whose name means the Father of Many Nations – establishes the nation of Israel, the 12 tribes of Arabia, and sets humanity on a course that will change everything. The power of the One True God unleashed through God's mercy on this man. Join us as we explore the founder of monotheism: Abraham.

Chapters: 0:00 – The Fallen Tower 3:34 – The Call of Abram 9:18 – The War of the Kings (and The Blessing of the Kings) 13:35 – Belief Turned to Righteousness (The 2 Covenants) 18:54 – Sodom and Gomorrah 21:44 – Abraham Starts Over 22:51 – Isaac is Born 24:34 – The Sacrifice of Isaac 29:02 – The Death of Sarah & Abraham 30:17 – God Makes a Way to Be Righteous (The Meaning of the Story)." from video introduction.

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