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The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit - Billy Graham Classic

Video from Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Learn how the Holy Spirit can transform your life in Billy Graham’s 1978 message from Kansas City, Missouri.

Puritan John Owen explained how the Person of the Holy Spirit worked in Christ and in the World that is worth noting. Owen's concern was to protect the integrity of Christ’s two natures (divine and human). John Owen stated that the only singular act of the Son of God ( divine second person) on the human nature of Christ was the decision to come together with himself in the incarnation.

Every other act or thing he did in Christ’s human nature was from the Holy Spirit. Christ performed his miracles through the Power of the Holy Spirit, not by his own divine power. In other words, Christ's divine nature did not act on his own but was mediated by means of the Holy Spirit. Many have long argued that Christ’s miracles were performed by virtue of his own divine nature. But in Owen’s (and others’) model, the Holy Spirit is actually the person who performs Christ’s graces and mercies. This way of understanding the relation of the Spirit to Christ’s human nature preserves his true humanness and explains many biblical questions that arise from a close reading of scripture.

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