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The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry with John Mark Comer

Updated: Mar 10

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry with John Mark Comer

"Too often we treat the symptoms of toxicity in our modern world instead of trying to pinpoint the cause. A growing number of voices are pointing at hurry, or busyness, as a root of much evil. Some would even argue that hurry doesn’t just make you weary, but in fact it is the great enemy of your spiritual life. Hear what John Mark had to say about hurry when he joined us in Vancouver in January of 2020. Brought to you by the Canadian Church Leaders Network." from video introduction.

Hostage to Hurry Recovering the Human Pace of Love

"When was the last time you felt your soul walk? Our minds and bodies are moving farther and faster than ever today, but the most significant aspects of human life cannot be rushed. Hearts can be stubbornly slow. Prayer is often slow. Meditation is slow. Growth is slow. Love is slow, sometimes painfully so. From the beginning, our souls were made to walk with God, at his pace.

Many of us, however, have forgotten how to walk. We’re so used to driving, scrolling, and skimming that slow seems not only inefficient and impractical but almost immoral. We feel guilty for walking. While I commute to work, covering a dozen miles in just minutes, operating the marvelous and dangerous miracle that is my Honda Civic, I sometimes get restless that I’m not getting more done — that I’m not checking email, or refreshing a feed, or listening to a podcast. Some text and drive, despite how maddening and unloving that is, in part because driving surely can’t be a sufficiently productive use of time. We’re held hostage by hurry..." from the article: Hostage to Hurry: Recovering the Human Pace of Love

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