This is Why You Should Never Watch Pornography... Off the Kirb Ministries

Video from Off the Kirb Ministries

We all know pornography is wicked and bad to say the least. It has been called flesh colored crack!

Like drugs, alcohol etc. pornography is a deep sin that gets embedded in our soul. We must pray with a cry to God, to Christ to free us from this or any addiction. You cannot do it alone.

Our God has abundant mercy to give us, ask for it, ask to be made Holy.

I have said it before but I firmly believe that if you are addicted to pornography you MUST turn off your internet.... NOW, do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

No excuses...

Build your life around other things besides the internet. It can be done, you don't need the besetting sin of pornography as it keeps you separated from Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Listen to what this video has to say and take action!

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