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Welcome to Flatland: The Doctrine of Inseparable Operations (Part 2)

Updated: Mar 31

Video from Credo Magazine

Welcome to Flatland: The Doctrine of Inseparable Operations (Part 2)

"Are all of God’s operations inseparable? How should we identify each person’s work in creation, providence, redemption, and other external works of God? Why does the unity of God’s being not annul the distinctions between the persons? In this new Credo video, Vern Poythress explains how the actions of the Father, Son, and Spirit are distinct yet inseparable.' from video introduction.

In the above video, Theologian/Author Vern Poythress tries to simplify the Trinity for us. In the video below Matthew Barret offers a much longer discussion of The Doctrine of Inseparable Operations.

Video from Credo Magazine

"Few doctrines are as perplexing as the inseparable operations of the Trinity, or as close to the heart of the gospel. The doctrine teaches that all three persons of the Holy Trinity are at work in every action outside of the Trinity’s life. Misunderstanding this doctrine leads to a distortion of Scripture and a caricature of God’s saving work.

This doctrine provides the primary biblical support for the doctrine of the Trinity. Without proper attention to it, our understanding of salvation degenerates into mythology..." from the article: How the Doctrine of Inseparable Operations Unlocks the Gospel

Video from Dano Johnson

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