What About the Miracles of Other Religions?

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Addressing the issue of miracles asserted in other religions.

The Hidden Meaning of Miracle Stories

In his introduction to "The Book of Miracles," author Kenneth Woodward surveys the place of miracles in a changing world of faith and science.

The Book of Miracles is not another anthology. Anthologists collect texts by removing them from the contexts in which they find their meaning. This is questionable enough when what is being anthologized is isolated sayings, or sound-bite wisdom of the spiritually advanced. But miracles are by definition stories that make sense only within larger narratives. What I offer here is a guide to miracles as they unfold within the sacred scriptures of each tradition and are amplified in the sacred biographies of the saints, sages, and spiritual masters. My aim has been to show how those stories function within each tradition and what they reveal about those who perform them..." from the article: The Hidden Meaning of Miracle Stories


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