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Where Did It All Come From?

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

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Where Did It All Come From?

As we can see from this discussion with this young man we argue ourselves into a corner when we as Atheists or when we as Christians talk about the beginning of creation. The Scientism Devote and Atheists all argue from theory and extrapolation. No facts, no empirical testing, no hard physical evidence. Much is assumed to be fact when its not. As Christians (in fact creation itself is a revelation to everyone) we have the Bible, and God's Holy Word that tells us there was a beginning.

As this young man struggles to say there comes a point where we just cant know. Science has been at that point for a long time. Even now so called quantum physics, mechanics continues to reveal a reality that is beyond anything we could have guessed. Did the young man come to a logical conclusion? No!

"Agnostic physics professor Alexander Vilenkin did it. He ‘proved’ that, contrary to thousands of years of secular and Christian philosophers, something can come from nothing. All that are needed are zero energy and a quantum event." from the article: FAITH FILE: This Agnostic Proved The Impossible. Or Did He?

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