Kicked Out of Hell for Lying - Doug Wilson

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"In this episode of Blog & Mablog, Pastor Doug Wilson gives "what in the technical parlance of the professional writing guild, is called a rant" on health, lies, and tyranny. Enjoying this episode? Check out "Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos: A Defense of Liberty Against Tyrants" today! Blog and Mablog is presented by Canon Press." from video introduction.

"Occam’s razor teaches us that the simplest explanation is most likely to be the true one. And the simplest explanation is that this whole thing is just one long, sustained, massive power grab. So I am going with that...What are we running from exactly? First it was deaths. Then it was hospitalizations in over-crowded hospitals, which would lead to deaths, which is why we all pitched in to flatten the curve. Then it was just hospitalizations. Then it was simply the cases. Then it was asymptomatic cases. Then it was cases as determined by PCR tests which, if you set the gain in a way that guaranteed the answers you needed politically, could find COVID viruses on the moon. You are being scammed. In the meantime, fewer than thirty deaths in the armed forces, out of two million.

By the way, last year, our local Christian school was able to stay open through this last year, with masks not required, and our absentee rates due to sickness were normal or better than normal. And you thought the age of miracles was past....It is very, very difficult for the government to protect you from a virus like this one. It is impossible for them to do so if the virus, in addition to giving you respiratory trouble, is also delivering them a lot more power. The government can’t guarantee your health. That is not something they are capable of doing. The government can, however, take away your liberties.... from the transcript: Kicked Out of Hell for Lying

Ok so I personally have really not been alarmed by any of this Occam's razor or not! I can agree with Doug Wilson and allow for politicians reaching for control and manipulating all of us as well. I felt that way under former President Trump.

We should as citizens or Christians never sit passively by as our liberties are subverted and taken away.

So then pick your lier's! Trump, or Biden, or Pelosi, McCarthy etc. If we choose to view Trump and the resulting what I term as anti-democratic republican party as a specific God given appointment (i.e. all government officials are God given appointments) and cleverly compare him to Cyrus keep in mind Cyrus was a judgement not a blessing.

The rest of the world can see what we cannot and that is Americans have chosen a path of destruction. American Christians need to realize that that many who claim to follow Christ, the Light of the World, support policies that are bringing darkness and pain to many people.

Saving your American way of life through lying and subversion is not sanctioned by God or his Word.

If we truly believe that we are in the midst of a cultural breakdown our response is what it always should be, turn to Christ, not men!

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